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Why Are Managers Like an Accordion?

accordionHave you ever thought about how an accordion works? In order to make a sweet sound come out of that cumbersome instrument, both sides need to be squeezed in harmony.

So, what does that have to do with managers and employee engagement?

Think about it this way. One side of the accordion is top management handing down a mandate to produce more, in a faster timeframe, all while keeping resources flat or even reduced.

On the other side of the instrument, is your employees wanting more of your time, energy and support. How are managers supposed to keep both of these sides playing in harmony, thereby producing sweet music together such as increased productivity, higher customer satisfaction and increased revenue?

You can’t play a harmonious song if someone on your team is not engaged at work. In today’s tough business environment, managers can’t afford to have even one disengaged person working for them. Even worse, if your manager is operating on a low or even dead battery, then how can you expect them to charge and re-engage someone else?

Managers have a big stake in creating a culture of engagement. They need to operate as CEO’s: Chief Engagement Officers. If your managers are running on empty, where will they get the energy to boost the engagement of their team members?

It takes very little these days to make someone cross over from engagement into disengagement. People are looking for reasons to turn their back on their company and break the connection that leads to loyalty and commitment. The underlying drivers of disengagement all lead directly back to your managers.

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