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The Power of Reengagement: Three Truths

Ruth has identified three truths about re-engagement

TRUTH: Engaged Employees Ignite Growth
TRUTH: You Can Be Invisible, Even in a Very Visible Position
TRUTH: People Don’t Quit Companies, They Leave Bad Managers

If these truths define your company culture, Ruth K. Ross can administer the antidote.

Services provided will:

  • Create and implement strategies to reengage executives, managers and employees at all levels of your company
  • Permit company leadership to face disengagement and openly communicate about engagement
  • Identify the extent of disengagement throughout your company by using the Invisibility Index™ diagnostic tools
  • Cure the disengagement disease with an ALIVE™ treatment plan developed for your company
Contact us today to speak confidentially about your company’s level of disengagement – perhaps even your own – and we’ll develop a custom plan to return you to a state of reengagement. This plan may include seminars, workshops, lectures, training and/or personal coaching using the ALIVE™ and INVISIBILITY INDEX™ framework for the promotion of employee engagement, retention, professional development, morale and increased productivity for employees and employers.