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Engagement Defined

Engagement is what motivates people not only to feel dedicated to their job and their life, but also to feel rewarded by what they do and how they do it. It pushes people to look at things differently and go above and beyond, not because they have to but because they want to. Engagement is buying in, going all in, and remaining within and contributing to the passion and mission of the company. It is what separates the striving companies from the thriving companies, the happy folks from the unhappy ones, the smiles from the frowns, and the success stories from the shattered dreams.

Consider these examples: Engagement is when a doctor passionately tells you he doesn’t practice medicine, he saves lives.

Engagement is when an attorney indicates he doesn’t practice personal injury law, but that he stands up for people who can no longer stand on their own.

Engagement is when a restaurant owner tells you he started his business to honor his family’s tradition and makes his own pasta from scratch every morning because “that’s the way Nana taught me to make it.”

Engagement is when the manager at a mom-and-pop pharmacy opens the door an hour after closing because a customer needs medicine for his sick child.

Symptoms of Engagement:

  • committed
  • loyal
  • energetic
  • creative
  • open to change
  • willing to take risks

Engagement matters.

It can be effortless and natural when done well. Make sure you understand the true meaning of engagement.

Disengagement Defined

To many people, disengagement can feel like a series of small paper cuts, while to others it feels more like getting hit by an oncoming bus. Disengagement is personal in nature and affects each person individually. It doesn’t discriminate and can happen to anyone regardless of things like job title, level, experience, age, ethnicity or where you live and work. Every disengaged person has a reason for why they transformed into an unhappy and dissatisfied worker and deals with this feeling differently.

The one constant…there is always some underlying cause or trigger:

  • The job isn’t what was promised or expected
  • A feeling of “is this all there is” and being stuck running in place
  • Lack of appreciation and recognition
  • Working for an ineffective manager
  • Toxic work environment

Disengagement can manifest itself in many ways. Here are some symptoms that show up in someone who is suffering from low engagement:

  • An “I don’t care” attitude about the work
  • Increased absences or tardiness
  • Declining quality of work
  • Isolating yourself from others
  • Not creative or willing to provide input

Disengagement doesn’t happen overnight and reengagement won’t occur that quickly either.

It’s about accepting the truth that inside of you something just isn’t right, but knowing that it is indeed treatable.