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A Half-Day Managers Workshop

engage buttonWho has the greatest impact on the engagement of today’s employees? While everyone needs to be his or her own CEO – Chief Engagement Officer – ownership is different than impact. No group is more important to the success of a company’s engagement efforts than its managers. If their batteries are personally drained and their engagement gas tank is running on empty, there is no way they can charge others and create an engaged team that consistently delivers strong results.

According to the Gallup Organization, in their state of the American Workplace study, only 31.5 % of the US workforce is engaged at work and only 35% of managers are engaged. The cost of lost productivity due to disengagement is a staggering $550 billion a year. Employers today lack a strategy for creating and sustaining an engaged and productive workforce. Regardless of the reason – a lack of focus, energy or knowledge – companies today cannot afford to turn a blind eye to the importance of having a fully engaged organization.

In this half day interactive workshop, we will provide an environment where managers can learn basic concepts, get hands-on practice with simulations and practical application exercises in order to walk away with an action plan for building a highly engaged team and in the process have the ability to assess their own level of engagement. Some of the key concepts that will be covered in the workshop include:

  • Creating the foundation for building an engaged workforce
  • The Return On Investment (ROI) of engagement
  • The definition and characteristics of the 3 categories of engagement
  • The 5 MAGIC elements your employees say are their ‘must haves’ for engagement
  • The disengagement detour: warning signs and diagnostic tools
  • The ALIVE™ treatment plan for engagement

All workshops are held on-site at your company location and included in the fee (for each participant) is the workshop guide, a follow up thirty-minute call with a workshop facilitator within 6 months of the training and a personal signed copy of the book “Coming Alive: The Journey To Reengage Your Life And Career”.


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