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Spring Clean Your Way To High Engagement

Daffodils in front of anemones
6 April 2016

The days are now longer, the birds are singing and the pollen count is off the charts. Yes, spring has finally sprung, although I’m not sure some of my friends who woke up to snow today would agree. It’s funny how just the thought of this season brings with it smiles and optimism even though […]


New opportunites road sign pointing towards the next exit
11 March 2016

Every one of us has either personally felt the pain of knowing they weren’t fully engaged at work or at home (or both), has an important person in his or her life experiencing this or perhaps manages a team that is struggling with disengagement.  While I’ve always believed this to be true, it really hit […]

Which Matters Most: A Job, A Career or A Calling?

Group of Multiethnic Diverse People with Different Jobs
8 February 2016

One of my favorite quotes ever comes from Steve Jobs who famously once said “Passion is the difference between having a job or having a career”.   When we graduate and embark on a new job, it doesn’t come with a GPS device or road map. It’s about the journey, not the destination. Careers and […]

8 Tools For Reengaging With Life In The New Year

Young woman sitting on the sofa near the christmas tree with a glass of champagne
21 December 2015

  What starts at work can creep in to your home life without you even being aware that it has. It’s similar to what happens if mold suddenly shows up in your home. It’s invisible until you see a small spot, which can then quickly spread to other areas. What you may think is just […]

7 No or Low Cost Ways to Engage Your Employees Through Recognition

Multi-Ethnic Group Of Diverse People Holding Letters That Form Thank You
17 November 2015

  So, how hard is it to say thank you? In Corporate America (and at home), the answer to the question is “very hard.” These two little words are among the most difficult for people to express. Saying thank you is quickly becoming an extinct practice both in society at large and in the workplace. […]

The 7 Warning Signs Of Disengagement

warning signs
8 September 2015

How many of us have been driving our car when a flashing warning sign shows up unexpectedly on our dashboard? I will admit it; that freaks me out. I stop as soon as I can, go into the glove compartment and pull out the owner’s manual so I can try and figure out what the […]

5 Don’ts of Disengagement

Disengaged at Work
11 August 2015

When I speak with people who have experienced disengagement, I always ask this one question, which is, “What one word would you use to describe how you felt when going through it?” I hear words like “isolated,” “frustrated,” “invisible” and “marginalized.”  All words that immediately paint a picture for me of someone that is a […]

A, B & the 6 C’s of Employee Engagement

Child's letters
2 July 2015

Given all the material that is out there these days on employee engagement and my unabashed love of acronyms, I started playing around with an A-Z list of words and thoughts tied to this subject.   The first two letters of the alphabet came easily for me since they are things I always talk about. A […]

Is Leaving a Legacy a Lost Art These Days?

Under A Shadow
18 June 2015

I was asked the other day if I thought I had left a legacy at my last job or frankly in a broader context, throughout my entire career. My quick answer was yes, no and maybe. Legacy is one of those funny words that has morphed over time. According to Webster’s Dictionary, it is anything […]

Why Doesn’t Anyone Want The Top Jobs Anymore?

Abstract Image of Business People's Silhouettes in a Meeting
1 June 2015

I know I don’t. I know most of my friends who are also baby boomers don’t. We, of a certain demographic, are leaving Corporate America in droves. Every week I’m meeting up with friends of friends who want to hear my story of why and how I left and what it takes to go out […]