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Meet Ruth K. Ross

Ruth invites you on a journey.

A journey with a destination that only you can choose. A journey that will ignite your life and refuel your career.

Corporate leaders, midcareer professionals, entrepreneurs and others have sought her out as their guide because she took this journey herself. To her amazement, she realized she was not alone in her feelings of disenfranchisement, anxiety, boredom and apathy.

Then, she did what many of us think about but rarely do: Stop. Reassess. And commit to the life she wanted to lead.

The result is that Ruth created resources to help leaders identify whether the “disengagement disease” is infecting their organizations — or even themselves.

After 30 years of working with corporate leaders and managers as a senior human resources leader, Ruth knows firsthand that focusing on engaging your people is the most direct way to improve the bottom line of your business. Disengaged employees can cause even seemingly strong companies to stumble. She has a personal passion for identifying and reengaging the disengaged employee. That’s because she once was one herself.

As a successful HR executive for top Fortune 500 companies, she realized she felt held hostage by the trappings that come with a “big job.” She was an influencer at her company, yet she felt invisible. Perhaps even more debilitating, she recognized that her work no longer excited her.

After putting a name to these feelings and admitting she was disengaged, she set off on a new path as an advocate for treating this affliction.

If Ruth’s story strikes a chord with you, join her on a journey toward reengaging your life and career. You won’t have to pack for this trip. In fact, you’ll end up discarding baggage that might be holding you back from coming alive.



Lots of ‘experts’ can study employee disengagement, analyze the research, dissect companies, and describe organizational dysfunction with academic clarity. Ruth’s expertise in the field goes far beyond that. For Ruth, it’s personal. Her journey as a senior human resources executive in some of the most respected Fortune 500 companies is a story of high achievement, disengagement, self-discovery, and redemption. Her passion and expertise brings this issue to life; her practical and effective treatment plans will change your organization.
author-img - Greg Benzon
Sr. Vice President, Wells Fargo Bank
I cannot say enough about what Ruth Ross brings to the table! Ruth is incredibly personable, engaging and was the shining star of the show. She interacted with and captivated her audience right from the get-go, and held their interest throughout. The disengagement diagnostics and actionable reengagement strategies that Ruth provided were not only relevant to the audience, but were delivered in a way that made them memorable and fun. Ruth covered the important topic of employee engagement with a rare combination of experience, subject matter expertise, energy, humor and humility that is sure to leave a lasting impression with all.
author-img - Hillary Roberts MHCS, MSWP
Director of Strategic Content Development, Talent Management Alliance